About Nic

 Hi, I am Nic.  As a qualified coach I support, educate, and help you find what works for you to achieve your goals.


Mum to two gorgeous boys, my husband of 23 years and our handsome dog, Monty. It’s a football crazy house!


My road into fitness started at college. I qualified as a gym and aerobics instructor back in the 80’s. Who remembers reebok hi tops and leg warmers? This was then part of my Health & Beauty Qualification along with Sports massage. Whilst learning, I worked at a gym and fell in love with it.   Although I did decide to continue down the Beauty therapy route for the next 30 years. Dipping in and out of the gym and martial arts.  


My main drive for getting back into the fitness industry and changing my career at 48 was after an injury to my hip which resulted in an operation, rehab, and a loss of confidence.  This was the first of a few setbacks. It was a very challenging couple of years mentally and physically, but it drove me to qualify as a L2 Gym Instructor, L3 Personal Trainer and then going on to gain other qualifications and continue learning. It never stops! I fell in love with learning about the mechanics of the human body and how important movement is for our everyday life. I also didn’t want other women to feel that they couldn’t train because they were too scared to walk into the gym.  For the last few years, I have worked at a prestigious Spa and gym which enabled me to put this learning into practice. 


Hitting peri-menopause last year was a bit of a shock. I was conscious that I was going through it but was managing ok until I had a huge plummet and felt so fatigued. My joints were painful and started feeling very anxious and tearful. For me HRT worked well. From this I have gained so much knowledge and endeavour to find out as much new information as possible so I can support and educate other women on how to train and gain control of their health at this stage of life. 


I have now come to understand that the only way to make a positive, long-lasting change at any stage of life is through consistency, professional support and a realistic approach that suits your lifestyle. By drawing on my own experiences and knowledge as a successful fitness coach and qualified PT I aim to empower women to take control of their own fitness journey to become their fittest, happiest, and strongest selves.


Further qualifications inc. L3 Exercise Referral/Supporting clients with Clinical Conditions, Spin instructor, Kettlebells, Circuits, Suspension training, Aqua coaching, Nutrition Coach. CPD- Advanced stretching, Coaching, Squat and Posture Analysis., NRA Award, Menopause and Female Health.


Favourite move or equipment: Cable machine, Deadlift, May I have more??

Favourite tipple: Provence Rose

Favourite place: Corfu

Favourite quote: ‘Motion creates emotion’ So move ladies! You will feel better for it.