About Nat

Hi, I am Nat. I empower women who feel they’re not at their best. Often my clients are tired of not seeing results and want to take back control of their health and wellbeing. 

I am a busy Mum of 3, my children are aged between 8 and 24. Being a young mum has taken me through a journey of discovery and personal growth. I can remember having a poor body image, feelings of disgust and sadness about what I saw in the mirror.

I worked in financial services and spent time traveling with work. This is where I met my husband. I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of sales, however I struggled with my relationship with food and alcohol due to the social nature of my work. I was often on one of many fad diets without much success and this led to emotional eating and more yo-yo dieting.

It wasn’t until I had my daughter in my late twenties that I wanted to set a better example for her. My health and fitness journey began. Initially with running and practicing yoga. I fell in love with the grounding that Yoga gave me, and I qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher. However, I felt something was missing and I wasn’t seeing see the physical results I wanted until I started lifting weights and nourishing my body. 

When I started to build muscle was I able to shape and sculpt my physique. Initially looking for purely aesthetic reasons but with time and consistency I realised how lifting weights improved every aspect of my life, and those around me. With improved self-confidence I feel that I have equal strength inside and out. I have found a deep emotional appreciation for what my body can achieve and how I can maintain my shape for the long term. 

Having had such a profound effect on my life I wanted to share what I had learned. I then completed my Advanced Personal Training qualification. I found great joy in learning about the body and find now that I am constantly learning. I have gone on to do further qualifications including Circuits, kettlebells, breath work and pelvic floor health, nutrition, and Dr Stacey Simms course “Women Are Not Small Men” focussed on training in line with your cycle and into menopause. 

Now instead of dress size or scale weight, I have a passion for challenging my body in new ways. Over the past few years, I have gone from competing in a bodybuilding competition, to climbing the National 3 peaks and a 100 Km walk in 24 hours for charity. 

I like to reflect on times in my own life and learn from them so I can grow as a mother, wife, and coach. I am non-judgmental, empathic and my philosophy in coaching is centred around compassion. I believe that every time you exercise it gives you a chance to learn and understand new things about your body and mental wellbeing.

I have a thyroid disorder and am peri-menopausal, being strong and capable enables me to take on these challenges and to enjoy life without guilt or restriction.   

  • Favourite move: The Running Man!
  • Favourite Piece of equipment: A loaded Barbell for Deadlifts
  • Favourite tipple: Gin & Slim Tonic or Raspberry Kombucha 
  • Favourite place: Puerto Pollensa beach (I love being by the water) 
  • Favourite quote: “To get different results, you must do things differently. Old keys won’t open new doors.”