Yes! Our sessions are tailored for women of all ages and fitness abilities. We have created a programming system which offers options for different levels and enables you to work at a comfortable pace whilst still getting the most out of each session.

Yes please see our training packages.

Our package options and costs are explained in detail during your consultation. You will be able to choose which package works best for you.

We advise that you arrive 10- 15 mins before the session start time to allow time to pop your personal items away, extra warming up or would like to have the opportunity to chat to the coach.

We run a 5 min late policy in all our sessions, this is to ensure all our members are briefed and safe to begin the session. Unfortunately you will not be able to participate after this time period.

Please wear comfortable activewear and ensure you have the correct footwear. Bring a bottle of water with you and a towel if you wish.

We have two toilets which you may use to change clothes. We do not have shower facilities.

Yes, we have in place an exceptional cleaning and hygiene routine where we all play a role in keeping our space, our equipment and one another safe.

Please see your Go Team up account for full details of your package cancellation policy. 

We offer a 360 review of your lifestyle, taking into account your goals, pairing your nutrition, training, sleep, daily movement, your bodies ability to deal with stress and with regular reviews together we manage and support you to an incredibly empowered feeling of strength and health.

Joining our family our like minded women cheering each other on to be the best version yet.

Yes, we guide women how to train in-line with their own menstrual cycle and harness the power of each phase so they feel in control and empowered.

As many of our clients are peri- or postmenopausal, we regularly attend courses and workshops to ensure we can support our club members. We work closely with a number of female health experts who offer professional support and advice. We will work with you to ensure that you’re prepared for perimenopause as possible. Every woman has her own personal journey, we will help you understand its symptoms, so you can thrive during and after menopause. After all, many of us live a third of our life in postmenopause, we want to feel incredible and enjoy life!

We provide personal training and small group personal training sessions. Because of the bespoke nature of our programmes and our knowledgeable coaches, we offer a sympathetic view to injury and will help you build your physical strength around your injury, ultimately improving and possibly even eliminating pain. We work with you and your body! In our experience, we have seen that gradually building strength has allowed people to move beyond their injuries, control their life and change how they feel and think about injury or trauma. In your free consultation we can talk through the specifics of your injury and what can be done to help.

In Caversham precinct we have two free car parks; Waitrose offers 1.5 hours and the lower car park offers 3 hours. You can also park on the street in Church street for free, Please check street signs as they differ depending on time and day. Please note we accept no liability for car parked in these car parks.

Yes contact us for more details.

Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions!‍

See you in the club soon!